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3 Tips for Brokerage Firms That Are Struggling to Get Back on Track After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses across the globe. Finance businesses specifically suffered a major setback during the pandemic. If your brokerage firm has been struggling to get back on track, make sure you leverage finance marketing to actively engage and convert more clients. Use this guide to get started.

1. Create a Finance Digital Marketing Strategy

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, internet use has skyrocketed in ways that nobody could have anticipated. Presently, the large majority of Australian businesses have a razor-sharp focus on online marketing as opposed to offline marketing. 

By creating an individualized finance digital marketing strategy, you can reach more clients, get more calls, increase consultations, and close more deals. 

As you reap the benefits of SEO (search engine optimization), you’ll be taken aback by the improvements in business reach, visibility, and conversions.

2. Make Smart Investments

As a brokerage firm that’s struggling to kick-start impressive growth following the pandemic, make sure you avoid making bad investments. Your business is in a vulnerable situation. Considering the damage caused during the pandemic, you need to be extra cautious. 

As a rule of thumb, extensively mull over each investment idea to avoid making an uninformed decision. We recommend investing in services that can help you get seen by your target audience. These include market research, digital marketing, app development, and content writing services. 

3. Prioritise Return on Investment and Quality

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As you recover from the pandemic, protect your brokerage firm as much as possible. If you’re looking into marketing services, make sure they offer great value for money. 

At Finance Marketing District, we specialize in offering professional digital marketing, app development, content writing, market research, process automation, and web design services. Our founder, Jerome Innecco, is committed to helping brokerage firms get ahead in their local industry. By making sure the marketing strategies we use give you the best return on investment (ROI), we help you reap the benefits of stellar finance marketing without washing your revenue down the drain. 

With extensive experience in digital marketing and finance, Finance Marketing District specializes in finance marketing. Finance Marketing District has helped numerous finance businesses rank higher on Google SERPs (search engine result pages), generate more traffic, get more calls from clients, and make more conversions. By covering all the bases, we help finance professionals actualize impressive growth. 

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The Basics of Digital Marketing for Finance Brokers

As financial services become digitized, most individuals and business owners prefer to manage their finances online. As such, customer expectations of finance brokers have also evolved tremendously over the last few years. 

If you want your brokerage to keep its business competitive, digital marketing is a powerful tool to keep consumers engaged. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of financial services marketing in the digital era. 

Build a Website with SEO

Having an online presence starts with a high-quality website. As the first touchpoint for the vast majority of digital customers, your website must run smoothly and quickly. Excessive loading times and an unappealing design will steer potential clients away. 

Once you have the design and aesthetics down, look into search engine optimization (SEO). Using metadata in your images, videos, and headings will help you rank higher on Google. Also, use top-tier internal and external links to boost the credibility of your website on search engines. 

Landing Page Marketing

A landing page acts as a popup embedded either within your website, as a paid advertisement, or on an affiliate’s website. These pages are highly specific and contain three important elements: a clear message, a persuasive aim, and a coherent Call to Action. 

Landing page marketing acts as a standalone page and is usually designed to generate as many leads as possible for the business. 

Build an Email Marketing Campaign

Even in today’s era of social media, email marketing continues to be a leading sales conversion method used by businesses today. The first step is to build an automated campaign that can send a series of emails to subscribers over a scheduled period. Instead of being pushy, these emails should be friendly and valuable to your customers. 

For instance, these emails can include information about new offers, promotions, and deals. You can also provide useful titbits, how-to guides, and relevant eBooks to keep your customers engaged. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media is yet another great tool that you can use to build your user base. Understanding how each social media platform works and the type of user base on each platform is critical. For instance, LinkedIn is an excellent place if you’re offering B2B services, while Instagram relies heavily on visuals and works best if you have unique images to share. 

As an experienced finance marketing agency, Finance Marketing District should be your top consideration. Enjoy better leads, more conversions, and ongoing growth that doesn’t disappoint when you work with us. We offer professional digital marketing, app development, web design, market research, content writing, and process automation services. Click here to contact our team and learn more about our broker mentoring services.